what we do

We support leaders to put their values into leadership – embracing their best self in all they do. We do this through:

leadership development
team coaching and development
organisation culture development


Helping individual leaders to grow, develop and renew themselves by encouraging them to explore who they are, what they stand for and how they can live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This is done by facilitating a highly confidential and supportive environment in which the individual can:

  • focus on their own professional and interpersonal development needs
  • reconnect with their passions, values and strengths and
  • build a plan for personal growth
  • have the space to take a step back and work on key issue
  • have vital support during stressful times
  • create transformational shifts in their leadership styles and behaviours

leadership development

‘Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.’ John Maxwells quote best summarises our perspective on leadership. We all have the ability to lead every single minute of the day.

Using Emma’s personal leadership and corporate experience, she offers bespoke learning solutions built to meet the needs of your organisation. No design will be the same. Experiential, powerful, targeted and built solely for you as the client.

team facilitation & development

Relationships need nurturing, and that’s true of teams. Otherwise you may find yourself part of a working group rather than a team. Professional sports teams, wouldn’t expect to be successful without a coach who is helping them develop, practice, excel and focus on strengths, provide feedback and much more.

Here’s how we can help your team, be like a professional sports team, and achieve the success you deserve. Through facilitation we:

  • Enable deep, trusting and sustainable relationships to be built
  • Understand how the team copes with conflict and explore opportunities to develop the skill to the teams benefit
  • Identify where there might be a lack of commitment and accountability and what is causing it
  • Appreciate why there might be an inattention to results

Team facilitation can be identified as a result of a number of needs as follows; new or changing team, new leader, need to revisit strategy, individual styles and agendas creating unsaid ‘hurdles’ in achieving the teams potential, conflict etc.

organisation culture development

‘It’s the way we do things around here’

….well a bit like relationships need nurturing, people need developing, cultures need investment to ensure the way you do things are serving your purpose, strategy and goals. Otherwise, in the words of Lewis Carroll ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there’.

Valueship consulting specialises in helping organisations to:

  • Identify a companies purpose, vision and values
  • Bring the purpose, vision and values to life for your employees
  • Develop a plan to embed the purpose, vision and values into the fabric of the organisation
  • Support HR teams to embed the desired culture into the employee lifecycle.